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World Series odds: Orioles are now the favorites to win it all

On the eve of the ALCS, the Orioles have the best odds of winning the World Series, according to one Vegas sportsbook.

Gregory Shamus

Are you sitting down? You should really be sitting down. The oddsmakers in Las Vegas sportsbooks - specifically Bovada - have spoken, and the Orioles are now the favorites to win the World Series this year. Of the four remaining teams, the 11/5 odds for the Orioles are the lowest ones there.

The field is not far apart. Both of the National League teams, the Giants and the Cardinals, sit at 13/5 odds, while the O's ALCS opponents, the Kansas City Royals, have 13/4 odds. It could be that, if the O's advance to the World Series, they will no longer be favored against either of those NL teams. These odds may just reflect that the O's have a better chance of advancing while the books don't know who will come out of the NL.

In the ALCS itself, the Orioles are 5/7 favorites against the Royals. That comes out to a -140, which is to say that if you wanted to bet on the O's in the series, you would have to wager $140 to win $100. Also, don't gamble, because the house always wins in the end. But it's fun that the O's are currently the favorites among gamblers all the same.

Some other ALCS props being offered:

Over/under on Orioles total home runs: 6.5
Over/under on Royals stolen bases: 6
Over/under on games going to extra innings: 0.5 (Over is favored at 2/3 odds)

They've got to get through the ALCS first, of course, but it's very interesting that Vegas likes them to do so.