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Buck Showalter named the 2014 American League Manager of the Year by BBWAA

The Orioles have the Manager of the Year for the third time in franchise history. It's also the third win for Buck Showalter, who also has his third win in a year ending in 4.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles manager Buck Showalter is the BBWAA's choice for AL Manager of the Year. He has continued his strange pattern of winning every 10 years, adding to his hardware from 1994 with the Yankees and 2004 with the Rangers. He received 25 of the 30 first-place votes for the award. He was previously a runner-up in 2012 with the O's.

It's also the third Manager of the Year win for the Orioles franchise since the award's inception in 1983. Frank Robinson was the winner in 1989 after helming the "Why Not?" Orioles almost into the playoffs. Davey Johnson won for the Orioles' last division-winning campaign in 1997. They didn't manage to have a winner in the 00s, shockingly.

Showalter is one of six managers to win the award at least three times.

There was little surprise when Showalter was announced as a finalist a week ago, along with Mike Scioscia of the Angels and Ned Yost of the Royals. It's also not surprising that Showalter won. He was seen as the favorite, especially considering that the awards were voted on before the postseason began, so the Royals' postseason run could not have influenced the outcome of this award.

The 96-win AL East Champion Orioles, who didn't just win the division but ran away with it, were probably baseball's greatest overachievers relative to preseason expectations. That's often the team whose manager wins the award.

The National League winner was Washington's Matt Williams.

BBWAA awards are handed out based on the result of a vote consisting of two writers from each city in the league. For Manager of the Year, each voter picked a first, second, and third choice, with a first place vote worth 5 points, a second place worth 3, and a third place worth 1.

The Cy Young and MVP awards are still to be awarded on Wednesday and Thursday night, respectively.