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Friday Bird Droppings

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

I can't speak for my fellow "Droppers" but I am imposing a personal ban on A.J. Burnett-related Droppings. The Arizona Fall League has wrapped up with the Glendale Desert Dogs in the cellar and the MLB All Stars have lost their second straight game in the Japan Series. Don't blame Tommy Hunter, though.

Orioles scouted Yoan Moncada, but he's likely out of their price range - Baltimore Sun I'm not holding my breath, but a fella can dream...

Yoan Moncada: The Most Fascinating Story of the Offseason | FanGraphs Baseball
Quite a back story on Moncada...

School of Roch: Checking on last winter's free-agent targets and rumors
Roch on the moves not made in 2013-14(the O's came out okay on this front).

Here's our guide to MLB's best available relief pitchers. | : Andrew Simon Article
Dan Duquette says he's interested in bolstering the bullpen. Who's available?

Camden Depot: The Future of the Orioles' Present Rotation ...or, "Living Without an Ace"

Yankees and Red Sox shut out of MVP votes for first time ever | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports
"From Yahoo Sports: L.A. wins both MVPs, while the Boston and the Bronx don't get a single vote." How marvelous!

On this day in 1973, Jim Palmer won his first Cy Young Award. Mike Flanagan announced that the Orioles would not be re-signing Rafael Palmeiro or Sammy Sosa on this day in 2005.

It's the birthday of biological theorist and former O, Curt Schilling.