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Your Orioles nominees for the SB Nation MLB Moments of the Year

The Orioles nominees for SB Nation MLB's 2014 awards are in. Here are your Camden Chat winners for funniest moment, best defensive play, and more.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last two weeks, you have nominated and voted on the Orioles moments of the year for the SB Nation MLB awards. The results are in. The winners have been decided. Our victors will move up to the next level, where if the panel of people deems them worthy, they'll be up for the final, site-wide vote.

Here are your winners:

Funniest Moment of the Year

The nominees:

Adam Jones pies the Oriole Bird
J.J. Hardy makes his own party
Miguel Gonzalez swears on live television
Wei-Yin Chen's paper covers rock
Jones and Chris Davis hug it out

The winner: J.J. Hardy makes his own party (GIF)

When you leave a choice up to the masses, you never really know what they will vote for. Hardy's silent treatment sunflower shower might have been my own third choice, but it's not about my choice, it's about yours. Hardy won with 50% of the vote. Miguel Gonzalez's "Oh shit!" on live television came in second with 22% and Jones pieing the Oriole Bird came in third with 21%.

Most Regrettable Moment of the Year

The nominees:

Tommy Hunter ruins something beautiful
Pinch hit starting pitcher walks off Orioles
Manny Machado loses his cool
Derek Jeter's retirement gift
Alex Gordon's horseshoe

The winner: Manny Machado loses his cool

To explain why for this winner, I'll leave it to Camden Chat's Bowser Emeritus, Stacey: "We are going to be reminded of it for years with boos and snide comments and people 'hilariously' referencing it. It also was a turning point in the way a lot of Orioles fans felt about Manny, and it was very rough watching someone we are so invested in behave that way."

The Machado bat toss won with 48% of the vote. One of the many bloop Royals cheapo hits in the ALCS came in second with 30%. The Jeter walkoff hit, my personal most regrettable moment, came in third, with 14%.

Best Defensive Play of the Year

The nominees:

David Lough flies high
Human vacuum cleaner Manny Machado
Jones robs homer, gets double play
Jonathan Schoop's game-saving play
Ryan Flaherty, Schoop, around the horn in the ALDS

The winner: Jones robs homer, gets double play

It doesn't get much more dramatic than one player robbing another of a home run, but Jones did it so easily here he didn't even amp up the drama factor. Though he pulled back a definite homer, he had it in his sights the entire time. Don't mind the scoreboard, either. This was a heck of a play that shut down a rally, all the more excellent because he threw in to second to retire the runner who was foolish enough to think he could tag from first on the play.

A strong winner, with 53% of the vote in its corner. In second was the Flaherty and Schoop double play of beauty from the ALDS, getting 22%, while one of Machado's many highlight reel plays at third came next, with 12% of the votes cast.

Biggest hit of the year

The nominees:

Matt Wieters' 1 o'clock walkoff
Davis' pinch-hit walkoff bomb
Nelson Cruz's bases loaded triple
Jimmy Paredes' pinch-hit heroics
Delmon Young destroys Detroit

The winner: Delmon Young destroys Detroit

As if there was any doubt. The Young double, which capped the furious comeback against Detroit in the ALDS, was probably the single most clutch and awesome Orioles hit of the last 30 years. It received 96% of the vote, the overwhelming winner. We may never see its like again: in the playoffs, bases loaded, eighth inning, tying run on second, go-ahead run on first, new reliever, pinch hitter, first pitch swing to a spot of the stadium where there's no doubt off the bat what will happen.

If you were there, you were lucky.

Stay tuned to Camden Chat to find out how you can help stuff the ballot box vote in the final, site-wide vote once those nominees are decided.