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Tuesday Bird Droppings

What can Wiet expect? Miller headed north for the Winter? Trade ideas, and minor league moves. All that and more to keep your bird nest warm on this Arctic morning.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Could Orioles pay Wieters what Blue Jays paid Martin? | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Could they? Sure. Baseball is flooded with money right now. Will they? Nope.

Report: Blue Jays aggressively pursuing Andrew Miller | HardballTalk

Looks like the BJs are trying to win the off-season again. We'll see how that works out for 'em.

Nelson Cruz Home Run Estimates | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Some statistical projection for what any team signing Cruz may expect in terms of HR output.

Camden Depot: Orioles Trade Target: Michael Saunders

Certainly could be one course of action

School of Roch: Orioles sign infielder Ozzie Martinez

Because the minor league rosters need filling out as well. Over/Under number of games this kid sees in Baltimore: 3.5

Happy 52nd birthday to Jamie Moyer. He was a fresh-faced 30 year old when he signed with the O's back in '93. He would pitch a bit over 400 innings of 4.41 ERA over 3 seasons in Charm City. The late Steve Bechler would have turned 35 today. On this date in 1997, Dan Duquette got his second bite at the apple when he lands Pedro Martinez in a trade. When are the O's gonna get a Pedro Martinez, Dan!?