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Wednesday Bird Droppings

The Hot Stove may be burning, but the Orioles remain at the prep table for now.

H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Half-full, half-empty: Nelson Cruz - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Dave Schoenfield takes a look at the free agency case of Mr. Cruz.

MLB rumors: Nelson Cruz makes more sense for Mariners than last year | MLB | Sporting News

Seems to have been Nelson Cruz day for mlb writers

School of Roch: Duke deal must make Miller want more
O's fans with memories of the winter of '06 probably shudder when reading about RPs getting these big deals.

Steve Melewski: A look at the Rule 5 draft and which players O's might add to 40-man roster
Lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous... My list to protect: Wright, Givens, Rosa, Wilson. Maybe Bridwell, but I don't think he'd get selected just yet.

Camden Depot: Should the Orioles Trade Ubaldo Jimenez for Nick Swisher?
No. I'd rather see if another swap of unwanted contracts could be worked out first (i.e. with the Dodgers for an OFer). Barring that, keep him and see if the club can get a strong enough first half out of him which could allow them to deal him at the deadline.

Baseball Prospectus | The BP Wayback Machine: Internet Commenters Try to Trade for Giancarlo Stanton
BP amuses us with internet commenter trades for Stanton. At least the O's fan one doesn't try to trade for Giancarlo with Aaron Baker...

Hey, remember Justin Duchscherer? He turns 37 today. One time O's, Dickie Noles and Larry Haney celebrate birthdays as well. On this date in 1993, HBGM acquired Pedro Martinez for the first time, bringing him into the Expos fold in exchange for future Oriole Delino Deshields.