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Tuesday Bird Droppings

The Orioles in search of list grows to include a new hitting coach, a lefty-reliever, and corner OFer.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Navarro in Baltimore, more on free agents and hitting coach situation
Roch's full rundown of yesterday's assorted news.

Presley reassigned; O's search for new hitting coach | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Seems to be a trend of Orioles coaches quickly and surprisingly leaving their positions.

Charlie Manuel turned down several opportunities to become a hitting coach | HardballTalk
I'd have irrationally loved if he came aboard Buck's staff.

Half-full, half-empty: Andrew Miller - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

Schoenfield takes a look at the pros & cons of Andrew Miller going forward. Not that it matters for the O's, since...

Andrew Miller is not re-signing with the Orioles | HardballTalk

The market seems to be booming for the tall southpaw.

Orioles Interested In Melky Cabrera As "Fallback Option"

If the price is right, DD remains ready to pounce.

Camden Depot: Another Option for Getting Rid of Ubaldo Jimenez

Another option that might be worse than just keeping Ubaldo. Though this one might be a pretty elite defensive LFer.

Baseball Prospectus | The 40-Man Additions

Subscriber article profiling the various 40-man additions for each AL East club, including the O's Mike Wright and Tyler Wilson.

How the Owners of All 30 MLB Teams Made Their Money | Mental Floss

How they made their money BEFORE they made obscene amounts of filthy lucre via owning MLB franchises.

Happy birthday to Jimmy Paredes! No direct Orioles historical notes on this date, but former Manager Mike Hargrove won Rookie of the Year honors back in 1974 as a member of the Texas Rangers. In 2002, Theo Epstein assumes the role of G.M. of the Red Sox after Dan Duquette was fired following John Henry's acquisition of the club.