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Wednesday Bird Droppings

A perfect accompaniment for while you are stuck in pre-Thanksgiving traffic

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Inbox: Will the O's trade Ubaldo this offseason? |
Britt's mailbag

School of Roch: Dave Martinez could emerge as hitting coach candidate in Baltimore
Might the O's go after the latest coach to make an exodus from St. Pete?

Steve Melewski: Will new hitting coach lead to any changes in O's approach on offense?
Does the coach mold the players in any meaningful way? Or does he just work with the skill sets of the players he is coaching?

Camden Depot: Should Melky Cabrera Be the O's 'Fallback Option'?
I'm loathe to give away another 1st round draft pick. But it may be preferable to trading a player already in development to get an OFer should the O's miss out on Cruz and/or Markakis.

Baltimore Orioles preliminary prospect list - Minor League Ball
John Sickels begins his vetting of the O's farm system

Notable Players Available In The Rule 5 Draft -
J.J. Cooper looks at some of the more notable players to keep in mind for the Rule 5 draft on Dec. 11.

Baseball Prospectus | Fantasy Team Preview: Baltimore Orioles
Do you want Orioles to populate your fantasy team next season? Here's some reading material.

No birthdays or Orioles events of yore of note today. Safe travels if you are driving/flying/training anywhere this holiday. Also, don't pass through Delaware on I-95 around, say...5pm today, since that's when I'm trying to get home from work and I don't need you adding to my misery!