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Vote for the Funniest Orioles Moment of the Year

There were a lot of funny Orioles moments this year. We need your help to pick out the funniest.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

All across SB Nation MLB, team blogs will be picking their favorite moments of the year for their favorite team, starting today, with FUNNIEST MOMENT OF THE YEAR. The best will find themselves into the league-wide voting in a couple of weeks. It is now our sacred duty to make sure we pick the funniest Orioles moment of the season.

Each of these moments was picked by you in Friday's nominations. Make sure to check back later today to nominate your picks for MOST REGRETTABLE MOMENT.

Now let's get on to our choices. Remember, this is for FUNNIEST ORIOLES MOMENT OF THE YEAR.

THE MOMENT: Jones pies the Oriole Bird

During a win in April, the key player of the game was Nick Markakis. While he was interviewed on the MASN post-game show, Adam Jones approached with a pie. Markakis would not, at that time, be pied. Jones settled for coming back and nailing the Oriole Bird with a pie.


THE MOMENT: J.J. Hardy makes his own party

Hardy did not hit a home run this season for a long time - June 21, as a matter of fact, over 250 plate appearances into the season. When he finally got a solo shot against the Yankees in New York, the rest of the Orioles gave him the silent treatment, as you do. So Hardy grabbed some sunflower seeds and made his own party.


THE MOMENT: Miguel Gonzalez swears on live television

On September 3, Miguel Gonzalez pitched a complete game shutout against the Reds. That was pretty awesome. While being interviewed on MASN's post-game show, Jones approached with a pie. As he realized what was about to happen - that he was entirely powerless to stop - Gonzalez exclaimed, "Oh, shit!" Then he got pied.


THE MOMENT: Chen's paper covers rock

When the Orioles were in Seattle on July 25, they took a lead in extra innings when Chris Davis hit a solo home run. In the dugout, the Orioles rotation was excited about this development. Gonzalez raised his fist for a fist bump, but Wei-Yin Chen excitedly high-fived the closed fist. Or maybe they were playing Rock Paper Scissors.


THE MOMENT: Davis and Jones hug it out

When did this happen? Why did it happen? These details are not important. The point is that when Davis needed a shoulder to cry on, Jones was there for him.


Vote for your favorite one below, and try to convince anyone who is undecided why they should vote for your choice. Am I a moron who obviously left out the best GIF? Make sure to let me know that too!