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What was the Most Regrettable Orioles Moment of the Year? Nominate your picks here!

There were a lot of awesome Orioles moments this year, but there were some regrettable ones as well. We are looking for your picks to figure out which of them was the most regrettable.

Patrick Smith

The year-end SB Nation MLB voting process continues and we in Birdland must do our sacred duty to send the best moments forward for consideration. On Friday, I asked you to nominate your picks for Funniest Moment of the Year. Now, it's time to hit moments that made you feel something not quite as good.


What was the one moment, or series of moments, that just made you throw up your hands and say, "Seriously?" Or perhaps the one that made you curse under your breath, or curse out loud at your TV, drawing censure from those who don't like profanity or at least not sudden yelling.

On Tuesday evening, I'll be paring down the list to the best, er, worst 3-5 choices with final voting coming on Wednesday. The overlords at /MLB will need to see video to make their choices, so if you know where to find a particular play's video or GIF, please make sure to note it in the comments. At the very least, the game and as much of the situation as you remember will be helpful. I'll look for the best.

Wednesday, along with putting up the voting for this category, I'll also be setting up nominations for the next category: BEST ORIOLES DEFENSIVE PLAY. Start thinking of your picks for that too!

Share your picks for most regrettable moment in the comments below. If you can think of moments that don't involve Brian Matusz, you get a bonus point. If it didn't happen in the ALCS, you get another bonus point - although let's be honest, there were plenty of these in the ALCS and involving Matusz as well.