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Monday Bird Droppings

Patrick Smith

November sneaks up and it already feels like December. Or maybe I'm just confused with all the Christmas swag on the shelves. Egads, man!

School of Roch: Will Orioles try to add another starter?
"The Orioles were determined to sign a starting pitcher last winter and ended up with three after reporting to spring training..."

Cuban prospect Moncada petitioning for free agency |
Yet another highly touted Cuban prospect the Orioles are unlikely to secure.

Will Orioles show interest in these five free agents? | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Will the Dan Duquette go back to the well on some previously available free agency targets?

claudecat's place | Some Baseball Thoughts
Your friendly, neighborhood man in inside OPACY presents a few thoughts on Andrew Miller.

Offseason Outlook: Baltimore Orioles – MLB Trade Rumors The long view...

Camden Depot: Building a Champion in 2015 - Second Base What kind of upgrades are available at second base? I think Rickie Weeks may be a platoon option.

On this day in 1971, Maryland Sens. Mac Mathias and J. Glenn Beall led their esteemed colleagues from Pennsylvania through the streets of Washington on elephants in satisfaction of a World Series wager. Can't make this stuff up. It's very hard for me to imagine that happening today.

It's the birthday of Armando Benitez, Ken Holtzman, Dwight Evans, Mark Corey and Tim Alderson.