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Nominate your picks for Best Orioles Defensive Play of the Year

There were a lot of great Orioles defensive plays this season. We need your help to pick the out the best of them.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The year-end SB Nation MLB voting rolls on. So far, we have come together and picked out some choices for Funniest Moment and Most Regrettable Moment. Today, I charge you to think about your choices for this category: BEST ORIOLES DEFENSIVE PLAY.

What were the plays this year that the Orioles made on defense that truly wowed you? With three of this year's Gold Glove winners on the team, and another couple of players who won Gold Gloves in the past but mised a lot of time with injuries, there was no shortage of great plays the team made. And of course, you don't have to be a Gold Glove winner to make an amazing play at all.

On Thursday evening, I'll be paring down the choices to the best 3-5 plays with final voting coming on Friday. Remember, the overlords at /MLB will need to see video to make their choices, so if you can find a GIF or video of the play in question, or at least point out the game where it happened, that will be helpful.

On Friday, along with the voting for this category, I'll also be setting up nominations for BIGGEST HIT OF THE YEAR, so start thinking for your picks for that category too.

Nominate your picks for the BEST ORIOLES DEFENSIVE PLAY in the comments below.