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Nominate your picks for Biggest Orioles Hit of the Year here

There were a lot of big hits for the 96 win Orioles. It's now up to us to pare down the list to get only the biggest hits, so that on Monday we can choose the biggest of the big hits.

Patrick Smith

The year-end SB Nation MLB voting rolls on. So far, we have come together and picked out some choices for Funniest Moment, Most Regrettable Moment, and Best Defensive Play. Today, I charge you to think about what comes to mind for this category: BIGGEST ORIOLES HIT OF THE YEAR.

Which hits were the clutchest of the clutch? The ones that mattered the most, in big situations, coming up huge? In a year where the Orioles won 96 games and swept the ALDS, there were a lot of big hits. Maybe it was someone you'd expect to get a big hit, or maybe it was a Most Birdland Player-esque unexpected hero who really delivered that big hit.

On Sunday evening, I'll be paring down the choices to the biggest 3-5 hits with the final voting to begin on Monday. Remember, the overlords at /MLB will need to see video as they go through the choices of each of the team sites to pick out their favorites, so if you can find video of the clutch hit in question, that would be best. If not, as much detail as you remember about the game and the opponent would be ideal. I'll find what I can.

Nominate your picks for BIGGEST ORIOLES HIT OF THE YEAR in the comments below.