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Sunday Bird Droppings

No fancy sub-titles, no cheeky puns, just lots and lots of Orioles news. OK, maybe not lots. But some.

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Jonathan Schoop.
Jonathan Schoop.
Jamie Squire

Adam Jones visits Boys & Girls Club for Teen Center dedication |
"It's a safe haven. They can be around their friends. Clubs like this are always needed, so I'm glad I was able to improve this one," Adam Jones said. "I've got four more years on my contract, so I've got four more projects."

Jones on Markakis: 'He's going to be an Oriole' | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
"I talk to him about it, and he said, obviously Baltimore is the place he wants to be. It’s a business, and you have to treat it like a business. At the end of the day, he’s going to be in right field, and that’s my vision. That’s how I see it," Adam Jones said on Saturday.

Award season: Who takes home the trophies? - USA Today
SAVED YOU A CLICK: Buck Showalter got all 10 first-place votes in the USA Today panel of writers.

Baltimore astronomer tweets pics of Earth from aboard ISS | Science Recorder
"NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman, a born and raised Baltimore native, has made the most of his current mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Wiseman has taken hundreds of pictures of the Earth as it turns, and has posted the breathtaking results on his Twitter account. You can view them on Twitter, under the handle: @astro_reid. " And he's an O's fan!

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Al Severinsen and Whitey Herzog. Yes, The White Rat played two seasons in Baltimore.

Pretty much nothing of import happened today in Orioles history. Go figure.

Let this be a lesson to all you ants! Ideas are very dangerous things! You are mindless, soil-shoving losers, put on this Open Thread to serve us!