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Orioles rumors: Team expects to leave Winter Meetings with only a Rule 5 pick

The Orioles almost had a deal for a pitcher on Wednesday. It fell through. Now they're probably going to leave the Winter Meetings with only a Rule 5 pick. We're all so surprised.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Make sure you're sitting down for this, because this is a stunning revelation: The Orioles might not do anything at the Winter Meetings other than make a Rule 5 draft selection. I know, it's crazy. That was the takeaway for the Orioles beat reporter crew after a Wednesday sit-down with Dan Duquette.

There was not a shortage of rumors that involved the Orioles on Wednesday. As with most baseball rumors, they amounted to absolutely nothing, or at least they have so far. Whether they ever had any merit or whether they were being passed along by someone who would have trouble locating his own butt if he used both hands is not something we will know.

One rumor that actually came from Duquette himself is that he had a deal in place for a pitcher that did not work out. He neither identified the team nor the pitcher, but he indicated to the reporters that he thought the deal was done. Safe guess that Duquette is not happy with one of his fellow GMs tonight.

The graveyard of failed rumors includes a tidbit that the Orioles had some discussions with the Pirates about a swap of Brian Matusz with outfielder Travis Snider. It seems like the Pirates would want a little more than just Matusz to trade away Snider, so that trade fizzled out.

There was also a rumor from a Boston reporter that the Orioles were interested in Yoenis Cespedes. Who isn't interested in Cespedes? Interested and being willing to seriously engage in trying to trade for a player are two different things.

O's beat reporters relayed that there had not been any internal discussions within the O's organization about acquiring Cespedes, leaving me to wonder whether the Boston reporter may have just been floating out a BS rumor from the Red Sox to try to make it seem like there's a bigger market for Cespedes than there is.

Agent to the stars Scott Boras held an annual discussion with the baseball media on Wednesday as well. He was eventually asked some questions about his Orioles clients: Wei-Yin Chen, Matt Wieters, and Chris Davis. As he does, Boras spouted out a bunch of words about how much the players enjoy playing for Baltimore that really just mean they're going to be free agents after the season and whoever gives them the most money will get them.

For all three, probably all they'll bring to the 2016 O's is a compensatory draft pick. But there's still 2015 to get through first, and hopefully all three - as well as other soon-to-be-free agents like Bud Norris and Tommy Hunter - will help the O's go exciting places before their careers take them elsewhere.

Speaking of Boras, here's something:

What, is this like a carnival game where they get a stuffed animal if the Orioles don't guess their weight within two pounds?

This concludes your daily summary of nothing happening. The Rule 5 draft is tomorrow. Duquette told reporters they looked at over 60 players from other organizations. They will get someone.