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Monday Bird Droppings

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

With this year's major baseball-related milestones passed, it would seem likely that the Orioles are headed into a brief Winter slumber, but then...Dan Duquette doesn't really seem to operate on any sort of predictable schedule. The only newish rumors to bubble up over the weekend seems to have been Peter Gammons odd Rasmus tweet. Hrm.

School of Roch: What's left for the Orioles on the outfield market?
The pickings. They are slim.

Red Sox Beat: Baltimore bucked ace trend | Boston Herald
Boston looks to Baltimore for inspiration.

Camden Depot: I've Seen the Orioles Rule 5 Acquisitions First hand accounts on Logan Verrett and Jason Garcia.

All the Rule 5 Draftees by the Projections | FanGraphs Baseball
...and proections, too!

For 2015, you can count the non-contenders on one hand (almost) -
I've posted this for the sole purpose that Perry lists the O's as obvious contenders for 2015. I like that.

Not really a momentous day in O's history. Lou "Deal with It" Montanez and Rick Helling share December 15 as a birthday, as well as their status as nominal parts on forgettable teams.