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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Nothing happened in Birdland yesterday. Nothing will likely happen today. But we can still while away workday with speculation!

Happy birthday, *@#$face!
Happy birthday, *@#$face!

Steve Melewski: Asking O's fans, "How did it all start for you?"
Sitting in my parent's kitchen, pouring over newspaper boxscores while listening to Chuck Thompson on AM radio.

To fill right field, O's eye free agency or in-house move |
well, that's 2 of the 3 possible ways to fill a positional vacancy. Might as well have just added 'trade' to the headline to cover all the possibilities.

Alvarez creating interest in Orioles organization | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Seems as if someone in the front office is trying to temper trade/free agent demands by putting Alvarez's name out there as a potential OF solution for the O's.

Exploring Justin Upton’s Trade Value | FanGraphs Baseball

In which it is suggested that Atlanta fans should lower their expectations

Ken Rosenthal: Even if the San Diego Padres add Justin Upton to Matt Kemp in their outfield, they will need more pieces than those two to make a serious run at the playoffs in the NL West | FOX Sports
The Bowtie'd One reports the O's as one team interested in Padres OFer Seth Smith.

Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Feature: The Surprising Math Teams Use to Value a Compensation Pick

Warning: #GoryMath layeth beyond yon link

Minor League Baseball to Seek Congressional Protection from the Minimum Wage | FanGraphs Baseball

In non-O's related links, I found this piece to be interesting legal development for MLB

Happy 50th birthday, Billy (nickname redacted) Ripken! Mike Flanagan would have turned 63 today. Big day for O's shortstop signings. On this date in 2002 the O's signed Deivi Cruz. And there was -much- no rejoicing. In 2003, Petey shelled out the dough, $72m over 6 years, for Miguel Tejada. In 2008, Ceaser 'Maximum' Izturis was brought in. In '09 the O's signed Mike Gonzalez and Garrett Atkins. The horror...the horror...