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Tuesday Bird Droppings

In which we bid adieu to Nelson Cruz and turn our attention to the non-tender deadline

Thanks for the memories!
Thanks for the memories!
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Mariners To Sign Nelson Cruz – MLB Trade Rumors
In case you somehow missed yesterday's news

All the Affordable Right-Handed Power, By the Projections | FanGraphs Baseball
Looking for a replacement for Cruz? Here's the right-handed thumpers who are the darlings of projections systems.

Looking at Orioles' arbitration-eligible decisions, rumors about Matt Kemp and Torii Hunter - Baltimore Sun

Can't really foresee any of the eligible O's getting non-tendered.

Five AL players who need to bounce back - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
An obvious O makes this list

Baltimore Orioles Top 20 Prospects for 2015 - Minor League Ball
The Orioles farm system features considerable depth in pitching but badly needs more impact bats.

No birthdays du jour. However, on this date in 1971 the O's sent Frank Robinson to the Dodgers for Doyle Alexander and 3 others. Robinson would go on to have 3 more productive seasons before winding down his career as a player-manager with Cleveland.  In 1978, Mark Belanger was awarded his 8th and final Gold Glove. One year ago today the O's found a surprising taker for Jim Johnson and his $10m salary in the form of Billy Beane and the A's. That did not work out too well for them. And the salary relief provided may have been what allowed the O's to sign Nelson Cruz.