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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Twas' the day before Christmas and all through the Warehouse, not a transaction was stirring...

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Camden Depot: Should the Orioles Take Advantage of San Diego's Outfield Surplus?

To paraphrase Clay Davis: I'll take any team's outfielder if they just givin' 'em away

Steve Melewski: Q&A with Orioles pitching coach Dave Wallace
Sharing his thoughts on Tillman, Gaus, building relationships with the staff, and more.

More thoughts on baseball in Cuba and Fred Ferreira's 'hysterical' incident - Baltimore Sun
Encina talks Cuba

Top Teams For Cuban Infielder Hector Olivera -
Meet the next Cubano ballballer who will probably not sign with the O's

Ball-in-Play Leaders and Laggards: American League Hitters | FanGraphs Baseball
Featuring some possibly concerning data for Hardy and Pearce going forward?

MLB - Yasiel Puig among the worst baserunners in baseball - ESPN
In$ider article. But if you had to guess which Oriole would make the list of good baserunners, well...he wouldn't be your last pick, but he certainly wouldn't be the first name that springs to mind either.

Happy Birthday, Kevin 'The Mentor' Millwood! On this day 10 years ago Johnny Oates passed away after a prolonged and spirited battle with a brain tumor.