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Friday Bird Droppings

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Good morning, friends. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you got your fill of food, libations, presents and family fun. If you don't, YOU doin'? There's a full slate of Boxing Day Premier League action if that's your thing, some crummy college bowl games if THAT's your thing and sales a plenty if neither suits your fancy.

School of Roch: Lavarnway acquisition further clouds Clevenger's future
Is the Pride of Pigtown the odd man out? His agent seems to think so.

Orioles hoping Gamboa won't knuckle under in 2015 | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Camden Chat: Your Source for Complete Coverage of Eddie Gamboa.

Ranking Adam Jones | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Adam Jones going forward from a fantasy perspective.

Few Differences in Right Field, and That's Okay - BSL
More analysis of a Birdland without Nick Markakis.

On this day in 1995, the AP named the Streak the sports story of the year. The O's celebrated by sending Curtis Goodwin to Cinci for David Wells.

It's the birthday of Storm Davis, Jeff Stone, Jim Traber, Wayne Causey and Stu Miller.