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Friday Bird Droppings

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason rolls on as we gear up for MLB's annual Winter Meetings on Monday. The last few days have been eventful, though, and who knows what the next may bring? A Delmon Young reunion? An Upton here? Nothing? The latter is most likely.

Orioles' Adam Jones buys a $1.3-million teardown in La Jolla - LA Times The loss of a respected co-worker might hurt...maybe a sweet, new waterfront pad will ease the pain.

On Nick Markakis and Defensive Metrics | FanGraphs Baseball
Nick's complicated history...

Orioles filling up with utility infielders | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore What, if anything, to make of Dan Duquette's infield depth signings...

MLB Manager Of The Year: Buck Showalter -
"Buck Showalter was hired in July 2010 to turn around the listing Orioles and that culminated this year in the team's first AL East title since 1997."

A Statistical Report for All the Caribbean Winter Leagues | FanGraphs Baseball
By Carsn Cistulli's measure, Eddie Gamboa and Radhames Liz have been among the best Winter League hurlers. That says something.

It's the birthday of a couple Birds from the 1983 Champs, Bill Swaggerty and Gary Roenicke. It's also the birthday of Gene Harris and John Papa.