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Orioles trade rumors: Wei-Yin Chen drawing "major interest"; Howie Kendrick discussed

The Orioles like their guys, and so do some other teams too. Wei-Yin Chen has been drawing "major interest", according to the Baltimore Sun.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles haven't done anything much yet this offseason, but even doing nothing involves a lot of talking. The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly dropped a couple of interesting rumors about some of that talking on Saturday afternoon. The big one of these is that Wei-Yin Chen has been drawing "major interest" from other teams.

That doesn't mean he's going to get traded. For one, always keep in mind the first law of hot stove season: Probably nothing will happen. The phrase "major interest" is one of those vague phrases that sounds like something exciting might happen, but absent any details, it's really not much. How many teams, what are they offering? Do they really want Chen that bad? Obviously not, because if they did, they would have blown away the O's with a proposal that they had to accept.

Chen is a league-average lefty starter on a very reasonable contract, which is also something that makes him desirable for the Orioles, who already control him. Of course, they have six starting pitchers and maybe could stand to trade one. Would they really trade the only lefty, though? In the right deal, sure, they would. Dan Duquette makes a lot of trades. A trade of Chen would represent the most significant one he has made of a player that signed in his tenure.

After next season, Chen will be a free agent, which is probably something that limits his value to other teams. You only get one season out of him before he could be gone. Chen is represented by the Boras Corporation, so an extension is probably not happening.

A team might find Chen interesting because he could end up as a qualifying offer candidate. A 30-year-old starter, which Chen will be next offseason, might like the security of a multi-year deal. Then again, a QO would essentially double the salary he made over his first four MLB seasons, which is also a pretty good deal for Chen.

Anyway, probably nothing will happen, just like with Connolly's other rumor: The Orioles and Angels had some preliminary talks about a deal for Howie Kendrick. Those talks went nowhere, which could mean something like the Angels were asking for Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy, or Hunter Harvey. That seems to be the prime reason that trade talks involving the Orioles go nowhere.

Actually, it turns out that the two rumors combined into one: The Angels suggested a Kendrick-Chen swap. Kendrick is also a free agent after the 2015 season.

MLB's Winter Meetings are next week. Maybe Duquette will get some more chances to talk trades or signings then, and maybe something will actually happen. Last year's big Orioles news at the Winter Meetings was the signing of Ryan Webb, which... okay, I guess that wasn't a great example.