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Monday Bird Droppings

It's Spring Training reporting week!

Greg Fiume

School of Roch: Debating whether Orioles should hold onto draft pick
There is no 'debate'. Keep the pick. None of the Qualified FAs are worth giving it up (barring some entirely ridiculous contract on the cheap).

Santana prepares to go to spring training somewhere, sometime | FOX Sports on MSN

Hopefully, that 'somewhere' is not Sarasota

Spring training ends offseason but not necessarily the trading season | FOX Sports on MSN

Just my, like,, but a Storen for Matusz deal sounds quite appealing to me. There's your 'proven Closer', DD. Go get him and expend part of that LOOGY stockpile you have sitting around.

Missing on Bronson Arroyo isn't devastating
Not in the least.

Arroyo and Burnett’s Batted Ball Profiles | FanGraphs Baseball
The former is already signed now, and the latter may well shun Charm City in order to stay in the JV division. But have a read anyways, if you wish.

Must-click link: How each general manager might explain his team’s 2014 World Series title | HardballTalk

Sounds a bit too enthusiastic for the HBGM. Gotta tone it down a couple notches.

Tool: Basically Every Hitting Stat Correlation

Here's something for the dorks to play with.

It's the birthday of Ceaser 'Maximum' Izturis, 1997 utility man extraordinaire Lenny Webster, and future DFA candidate Liam Hendriks. Busy day for the Honey Badger in 2012, as he inked Luis Ayala, Nick Johnson, and  Dane Sardinha to deals.

Listen, here's the thing: if you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the Open Thread, then you ARE the sucker