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Sunday Bird Droppings

Chris Tillman is stepping up, Jonathan Schoop has seen the inside of a weight room, and maybe, just maybe, a certain contract gets announced today. But probably not.

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Matt Wieters, getting in work.
Matt Wieters, getting in work.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Early Orioles notes on second official day of spring training
Suk-min Yoon might have his contract finalized today, Tim Alderson made it to camp, presumably by dogsled, and Jonathan Schoop is in the BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE!

Suk-min Yoon signing is not yet announced - The Washington Post
Seriously, it will be any day now...

To his surprise, Alexi Casilla is back with Orioles | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Alexi Casilla has a pretty good shot at making the Orioles as a utility infielder. He batted .214 in 62 games last year. I think that says something about the state of the competition for that utility infielder spot.

Mariners, Orioles, Blue Jays among many suitors for FA Ervin Santana -
I'd rather have Aelxi Casilla on this team than Ervin Santana. Casilla doesn't cost a first-round draft pick.

For Mount St. Joseph's Clevenger, Orioles roster spot would complete homecoming -
Local boy hopes to do good.

Orioles pitcher Tillman finally fulfilling promise - USA Today
"He graduated to another level last year," manager Buck Showalter said." Did he get a diploma?

It didn't happen overnight, but Chris Tillman has transformed into Orioles' leader on mound -
It boggles my mind to think that Chris Tillman is still only 25 years old.

Nothing much happened on this day in Orioles history, but you can wish Happy Birthday to crash test dummy/outfielder Eric Byrnes and The Crow himself, Terry Crowley.

Consider this your Olympic curling discussion center.

Let me get this straight. You want me to let my client of 15 years, one of my best friends, die in the jungle alone, for some money and an Open Thread?