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Tuesday Bird Droppings

The Orioles did things! Multiple things! What is this strange new world? Come travel a maze of links and discover.

Good form there, MiGo
Good form there, MiGo
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Orioles signs Suk-min Yoon to three-year contract - ESPN

Just when we thought this was going to be the highlight of the O's off-season acquisitions...

Orioles Reportedly Sign RHP Ubaldo Jimenez: PressBoxOnline
Paul Folkemer runs down the deal

What does the Jimenez deal mean for the Orioles ? « Britt's Bird Watch

Look for a theme in all of these 'implications of the Jimenez deal' pieces; there's one there.

School of Roch: Taking another look at the Jimenez deal and the option situation in camp

Roch runsdown the possible future roster implications of the pending Jimenez signing

Jimenez makes sense for the Orioles - Keith Law Blog - ESPN

I link to this because I am proud to say I. Love. The. KLaw.

Orioles' gamble on Ubaldo Jimenez unlikely to pay off -

The opposition states it's case.

Orioles' Waiting Results In Ubaldo Jimenez | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

It's a real tortoise and the hare story, isn't it?

Ubaldo Jimenez’s enigmatic season: The Hardball Times

You want to read about Ubaldo's pitching mechanics? Have at it!

Tyler Colvin has a “good chance” to end up with the Orioles after all | HardballTalk
Look at Bunny here, trying to steal the spotlight from Ubaldo and Yoon.

The Screwball: 2014 Spring Training Mad Libs - MLB - Sporting News
You, too, can be a qualified Spring Training beat reporter. Just fill in the blanks!

In Birdland alumni birthdays today we have Chad Moeller, Jeff McKnight, and Walter Young.

I just need you to tell me how to get to the Open Thread.
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