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Sunday Orioles spring training roundup: Chris Davis bunts, Dylan Bundy throws, intrasquad starters

The early days of Orioles spring training rolled on with bunt drills and infield pop-up drills. Even Chris Davis bunted! Dylan Bundy's rehab moves on. Plus, the pitchers for the Wednesday and Thursday intrasquad games were announced.

Kevin C. Cox

Does anything get more exciting than pop-up drills and bunt drills? That's what the Orioles were running on Sunday at the spring training complex in Sarasota. This is the work that will show up, or not, at random intervals through the season.

Even 53-homer man Chris Davis spent some time in the cage working on bunts:

On one hand, if Davis bunts, he's not hitting a home run, but on the other hand, if he can successfully bunt against the shift every now and again, those would basically be free hits and free times on base. Just as long as he's never sacrifice bunting.

Dylan Bundy's rehab is continuing apace:

He told reporters that he's still throwing at 75% of max effort, which is in accordance with the rehab plan. He threw an extra 20 times from 90 feet after doing his throws from 150 feet. The expectation is that he will throw a couple more times from 150 feet and then move back to doing throws from 180 feet.

The Orioles will be having intrasquad games on Wednesday and Thursday. The Wednesday game will be four innings and the Thursday game will be eight innings. These are your starters:

The Thursday game will be open to the public on the back field at Ed Smith Stadium. The Wednesday game will not be open. You can also look forward to Chris Tillman and then Zach Britton pitching in Friday's spring training opening game against Tampa Bay. That game is in the Rays complex and will be broadcast on WBAL radio.

Because it's spring training, there has to be at least one breathless update on a player you probably didn't even know was in camp. On Sunday, that player was Chris Marrero, who has sat out a couple of days due to an oblique injury. I'm sure his presence has been heavily missed.