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Nelson Cruz press conference live blog

The Orioles are introducing Nelson Cruz to the media in a press conference at 9:30 that will be carried on MASN and This is your live blog.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Like Ubaldo Jimenez before him, the Orioles will be unveiling their latest signing, Nelson Cruz, at a 9:30 press conference on Tuesday morning. The proceedings will be broadcast on MASN, as well as on

It's a fairly safe bet we'll get a little bit of Cruz, manager Buck Showalter, and Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette. There will be a competition for Duquette about whether he can be more awkward with the jersey photo op in this conference compared to the one for Jimenez.

If you're at work or somewhere else and can't watch, I'll have you covered with a live blog in the comments. It's in the nature of these things that probably no one will say anything interesting, but you never know. There could always be the recurring nightmare from the time of Vladimir Guerrero where Showalter jokingly, yet seriously, asks him where he wants to bat and then keeps him there all season no matter what.

If this signing turns out anything like Guerrero's, then the O's are probably in trouble, so hopefully there will not be any flashbacks even in this setting. At present, there's no reason to think things will end up that way other than the deeply-rooted paranoia that still lies within us after 15 years of losing. It's hard to shake that stuff.

Over/under on number of questions about Cruz being suspended last year at 1.5. Whatcha got?