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Camdencast Episode 52 - Sunny Side Up

Mark and Stacey are back and feeling happy about the upcoming season. Your eyes and ears do not deceive you - Mark is feeling good about this team. They'd better not let him down.

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The Orioles have woken up from the winter by signing Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz and the podcast has woken back up too. Stacey and I are back for our first podcast of the year and it turns out that we're feeling pretty good about the team and we still haven't quite figured out how to handle this.

Last spring, there was that specter of regression that still haunted us, but this year it's just the return of a strong core of players who've now had two good years in a row and they've been augmented by a couple of key signings as the team has finally loosened the purse strings to spend on potential impact free agents. The assorted projection systems don't really like the team, but they didn't like it the last two years either, so who cares?

There's a lot to feel good about beyond just the new Orioles. For one thing, Nick Markakis is looking buff. It's actually impressive. The lineup is looking good and the rotation is looking like it could well be good enough. The O's used 14 different starters last year. The bullpen is an area where they should have depth and at least a little flexibility so that they can keep the best players out there every night.

All this and more in the latest Camdencast. This episode has a run-time of about one hour and six minutes.

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