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Share your favorite Orioles memory and see your name in lights! (well, in black and white anyway)

What is your favorite memory? We want to know!

Kevin C. Cox

As you all know this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Baltimore Orioles. To commemorate the occasion, the cover story on the March issue of Press Box will be about the last sixty years of Orioles baseball. A guy I know, goes by the name of Paul Folkemer, will be writing this cover story.

Why am I telling you this? Paul needs the favorite memories of Orioles fans throughout the years to include in the story. I offered up the time that I went to the Orioles press box and sat down next to a cute boy who I ended up marrying, but Paul told me that doesn't actually count as an Orioles memory.

We need your favorite Orioles moments to help make Paul's article a success. So whether you're older than duck or younger than Westie, we want to know your favorite moment. Paul will be picking out some of those memories and including them in his story. The only catch is that you have to be willing to give Paul your full name to be included. It wouldn't really do for him to share a story by Wieters Wieners in his mainstream media newspaper.

So what is your favorite Orioles moment? Share it in the comments below. If Paul wants to use your memory, he'll contact you at the email address you use in your account here.

Thanks for all of your support!