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Tuesday Bird Droppings

O's links fall from the heavens like so many snowflakes


Chris Davis offered long-term contract by Baltimore Orioles, vice president Dan Duquette says - ESPN
If this is where the mystery of the O's money lies, then that's interesting, though not necessarily encouraging to me. With MLB clubs awash in new TV revenues it seems to me that Boras is going to take his clients to free agency no matter what. I can't see Davis getting locked up pre-FA unless the O's offer something rather obscene, such as a Prince Fielder-esque deal.

All-Time Single-Season Team: Baltimore Orioles/St. Louis Browns -

Bah. I always hate lumping in the Browns statistical history with the O's like this. An 'All-Time' O's team that fails to include Eddie is a farce.

School of Roch: Orioles remain in the running for Yoon, expected to scout Castillo

Are the O's seeking to throw some weight around internationally?

The Tale of the Forgotten Moose

It may seem a bit sacrilege, but the nickname 'Moose' will forever be associated in my mind first with Randy Milligan.

The Next Crop of Free Agent Pitchers | FanGraphs Baseball

Maybe the O's will sign one these guys next year! hahahahahahahahahaha

Baseball Prospectus | Baseball Prospectus News: Reintroducing PECOTA, the Depth Charts, PFM, and DraftAid

For those who wish to gaze upon such things: PECOTA forecasts are available.

Success rates for prospects based on walk and strikeout rates: the summary - Beyond the Box Score

Interesting research, with a a few O's names on the player list.

On this date in 2011 Vlad Guerrero signed on with the O's.

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