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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Nothing interesting happened. Nothing interesting is going to happen until March 31st.

Felix says 'Happy Birthday, Stacey!'
Felix says 'Happy Birthday, Stacey!'
Greg Fiume

Orioles have eight days to settle with catcher Matt Wieters and other notes -
Grab bag of notes. But in re the crux of the article, I wonder what MW's case to an arbitrator would rest on? 20+ HRs 3 straight seasons and his two GGs would certainly be a part of it. Durability as well, I suppose. But, man...what did he do last year that would suggest he deserves a raise up to the level he (and Boras) requested?

School of Roch: A few thoughts on Davis and Yoon
I wouldn't describe that final note as 'funny'. More like 'nauseating', really.

Projecting Keith Law's top 100 prospects - MLB - ESPN

So what does, I mean ZiPS think of the future prospects of the prospects on the KLaw's Top 100? (In$ider article).

My Favorite Player: Cal Ripken Jr. | The National Pastime Museum

Because who doesn't want to read about a fan's recollections of Cal?

Big day for birthdays. First off, it's the birthday of our beloved co-Bowser, Stacey! In terms of O's specific bdays, Robbie Alomar turns 46 today, and newly nested Bird Ryan Webb turns 28. In baseball general bdays, 'Hammerin' Hank Aaron turns 80 today. And Patron Saint of Birdland, Eric O'Flaherty is 29 now.
On this date in 1897, Charles 'Old Hoss' Radbourn passed away. I'm certain all of Twitter will be celebrating his life's work this day.

Open Thread
Lisa needs braces
Open Thread

Lisa needs braces