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Bronson Arroyo signs with Diamondbacks, Orioles target board shrinks again

Another Orioles free agent target has been struck from the board. Bronson Arroyo has signed with the Diamondbacks for a $23.5 million guaranteed deal.

David Banks

Another starting pitcher is off the board. Though the Orioles were rumored to be interested in Bronson Arroyo, he's ultimately settled for signing elsewhere, agreeing to a two-year contract with the Diamondbacks.

In recent days, the team had been said to be one of three finalists for Arroyo, along with Arizona and the Dodgers. As with every other free agent signing, it has turned out that, despite all the reports of interest, the Orioles did not close the deal. Maybe it was Arroyo's choice to stay in the National League - unless there is a report on what the Orioles offered to him, we won't really know. Maybe they never put a formal offer out there.

Arroyo will make a total of $23.5 million guaranteed with the contract, which could escalate with a club option to $30 million over three years.

There have never been any great options for the Orioles on the starting pitching market this offseason. There's now one option fewer available for them. In fact, a report earlier on Friday suggested that A.J. Burnett was leaning towards signing with the Pirates. Apparently no one told him that Adam Jones was willing to show up at his house with steaks and Nick Markakis would drive him to the stadium.

So that leaves just Ubaldo Jimenez and Korean starter Suk-Min Yoon. Jimenez would cost the Orioles their first-round pick. Would you have liked to have the innings-eating Arroyo? No point worrying about it now.

Jimenez is coming off of his first solid season since 2010. Yoon is much more of an unknown.

At this point, you have to wonder how the Orioles will manage to miss out on the rest - and hope that they don't get desperate and do something they'll regret later. Are you excited for either of the remaining options?