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Guess the Orioles Opening Day lineup

It's another contest, because they're fun!

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

It's time for another yearly contest: Guess the Opening Day lineup! This contest will be a short one, ending Wednesday at 5 p.m. This is so that people can't sit around waiting for possible decisions to be made before submitting their responses. It's more fun to have to make some educated guesses!

In the form below, enter what player you think will be in each of the nine lineup slots. There is a possible three points available for each player, a total of 27. You'll get one point each for predicting that a player will be in the lineup at all, for guessing his correct place in the lineup, and for getting the correct spot on the field.

For example, imagine I say that Steve Clevenger will be the catcher and he'll bat fifth. If he is all of those things, I get three points. If he is the catcher and bats fourth, I only get two. If he's in the lineup but is the DH and bats third, I only get one point. Got it? Good.

Get to guessing! I'll post the results on Opening Day after the lineup is announced.

NOTE 1: DON'T FORGET TO PUT IN THE PLAYER'S POSITION. This has already been an issue with some of the submissions.

NOTE 2: If you completed this before I put in the CC user name field, please email me at stacey AT camdenchat .com with your best guess at your lineup and I'll make the correction. My deepest apologies for the oversight.