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Sunday Bird Droppings

Ubaldo Jiminez looked sharp, J.J. Hardy has a kind of dumb nickname, and Manny Machado may just yet play on Opening Day. Or not.

I do believe Nolan Reimold made it through batting practice injury-free.
I do believe Nolan Reimold made it through batting practice injury-free.

Jimenez Hurls 6 Strong Innings; Orioles Tie Rays 3-3 " CBS Baltimore
Ubaldo Jimenez gave a 2-run HR, but otherwise looked pretty good in 6 innings yesterday.

School of Roch: Showalter on Machado, Tillman and Santana

Manny Machado is most likely going to attempt to run today. If his calf is sore, Opening Day is probably out. There's all kinds of machinations with backdating the disabled list assignment to consider as well. You better just go read the article.

School of Roch: Orioles claim David Adams (with Duquette comment)

"David Adams, 27, appeared in 43 games for the New York Yankees in 2013, batting .193/.252/.286 with two homers and 13 RBIs." I'm guessing HBGM was just bored.

Starting Jonathan Schoop at second base would be bold, but Orioles should do it -

Because taking roster construction advice from Peter Schmuck is exactly what Dan Duquette needs to do. But, yeah, Jonathan Schoop has looked pretty good out there this spring.

Orioles notes: Hardy takes 'textbook' approach to shortstop

I wonder if anyone on this planet aside from Buck Showalter actually calls J.J. Hardy "Textbook."

Cruz: on first Orioles spring: 'It's been a blast' | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

"I feel like I’m getting good at-bats, and I’m seeing a lot of pitches. So far, everything is good. I’m healthy, and I feel comfortable and the team has welcomed me," Nelson Cruz said. Sure, what else is he going to say, right? But a happy slugger is hopefully a productive slugger.

School of Roch: Gausman eyeing spot in rotation

"Kevin Gausman closed his left eye while sitting in the clubhouse a few days ago and couldn't read the nameplates above the lockers across from him." And he's just NOW wearing glasses?

"Operation Orange" Rallies for Fans Announced by Baltimore Orioles | Orioles 101 | Sports Media 101

"The Baltimore Orioles are set to host two Operation Orange rallies over the next week to help build fan excitement for the upcoming 2014 season." Well, the promotions schedule sure isn't going to do it.

Happy Birthday to Bruce Howard, Lee May (stop striking out with RISP already!!!! My 10-year-old self hates you for that!), and Sam Bowens. On this day in Orioles history, not a thing happened. Go check for yourself.

We take Pete's car, we drive over to Mum's, we go in, take care of Philip - "I'm so sorry, Philip" - then we grab Mum, we go over to Liz's place, hole up, have a cup of Open Thread and wait for this whole thing to blow over.