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Tuesday Bird Droppings

To paraphrase Ned Stark: Opening Day is coming. 6 more days...

The forecast for Monday is looking great: 65 with zero percent chance of precipitation. Though there is some threat of precipitation bookending Opening Day. Offer sacrifice to the weather gods as you see fit.

2014 AL East Preview : Grantland
Jonah Keri rolls out his AL East preview. How does he see the O's doing after the spending spree he's been calling for for years?

Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Preview: AL East 2014 Preseason Preview
Paywalled look at the AL East by the keepers of the PECOTA projection system. (you should just subscribe you misers, especially if you are going to subscribe to anyway since a sub to BP includes a 20% discount code for That works out to just about the cost of a year's worth of BP subscription)

MLB -- BBTN 100: Ranking the top 10 center fielders in MLB for 2014 - ESPN
Where does Dr. Jones rank on BBTN's list?

School of Roch: Machado talks about his pending DL assignment
Gonna be weird not seeing him on Opening Day.

Orioles Acquire Infielder Steve Lombardozzi: PressboxOnline
Always nice to bring a local kid into the nest.

Camden Depot: Picking Up Steve Lombardozzi Is a Smart Move for the O's

Who says the Depot is persistently negative?!?

Ubaldo Jimenez, More Than a Late Round "Gamble" | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

How many of you Chatters are actively targeting Ubaldo as a late round value pick in your Fantasy leagues?

Prospect Insider’s American League Impact Rookies " CBS Seattle

3 O's on this list. Beat you can't guess who! (You totally should be able to guess who).

(Yonhap Interview) 'Professional' Yoon Suk-min adjusting well to life with Baltimore Orioles

The Korean media catches up with Yoon and his transition to MLB.

Today is the birthday of for Manager, Lee Mazzilli.  15 years ago today Cal Ripken Sr. passed away.

My mind is my weapon. My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer, and I have my mind… and a mind needs Open Thread as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.