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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Brooksy Days until Opening Day

Greg Fiume

Mother Nature taunts us with late March snows, but I see beyond her tricks. The forecast for Monday holds steady at 65 degrees, mostly cloudy, with zero percent chance of precipitation; though the threat of showers grows on Sunday & Tuesday. The weather gods are nonplussed by your offerings of devotion thus far. Step your game up, Chatters.

Richard Justice: AL East will again be MLB's powerhouse division | News's Richard Justice provides his AL East preview

School of Roch: The last cuts are the deepest

Roch runs down the roster crunch heading into the final days of Spring Training.

With Orioles' Jonathan Schoop and others, Curacao becoming baseball hotbed -

Connolly profiles the tiny Dutch enclave in the Caribbean.

Camden Depot: Why the Last Cavalry Was Overrated But Not the Current

Hope springs eternal for contemporary collections of O's pitching prospects.

PressboxOnline - 2014 Preview: Can Chris Davis Repeat His 2013 Breakout?

Repeat? I scoff at the pessimism inherent in this notion. For he is Thor, god of demolishing baseballs. He shall exceed his 2013 production!

Johan Santana and Dylan Bundy are rehab buddies | HardballTalk

One might say Johan is....mentoring.

Orioles Nation - Prospect Watch: Michael Ohlman

With Matt Wieters two years away from Free Agency a case could be made that Mr. Ohlman is the most important prospect to the organization's future success. He will certainly be one of the most interesting prospects in the O's system to watch this season.

Which four players should be on the baseball Mount Rushmore? | FOX Sports on MSN
Neyer with a pleasantly surprising choice for one of his four Baseball Rushmore slots.

For years I've heard that Littlefinger is a magician: whenever the Crown needs money, he rubs his hands together and - poof! - Open Thread.