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Thursday Bird Droppings

Four days until Opening Day!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Has Nolan Reimold's Time With The Orioles Come To An End? | Baltimore Sports Report
I think it's about time for Nolan to start thinking about a new career path.

Who Will Win Orioles' Last Opening Day Bullpen Spot? | Press Box Online
Who ya got? Meeks or Aceves?

What Are The Orioles' Strengths And Weaknesses? | Press Box Online
Strengths: handsome shortstop, crab dip waffle fries. Weaknesses: Rick Dempsey in the broadcast booth, slow lines at concessions. Or other things having to do with the team, which you can read in the article.

Yankees' AL East competition: Previewing the 2014 Baltimore Orioles | Pinstripe Alley
What does the competition think of our team?

How Many Games Is a Buck Showalter Worth? | Camden Depot
One million, give or take.

Mike Bordick weighs in weighs in on club's chances |
In case you were jut wondering, "What does Mike Bordick think about things?"

The Need for Home Runs | Baltimore Sports and Life
Until the Orioles can start getting on base, they need to keep hitting those dingers.

Happy birthday to former Oriole Dave Von Gorder! No, I don't remember him either.

On this day in 1994 the Orioles traded David Segui to the Mets for Tom Weggman and Kevin Baez.