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Camdencast Episode 53 - Season Preview 2014

Another season begins and another Camdencast is upon us. Mark and Stacey lock in their win predictions for the upcoming year and run through what to hope for from as many players on the team as they can think of. Go O's!

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A new season is upon us, and Stacey and I are here to get you all warmed up with a season preview. After finally (maybe) putting our bizarre fascination with Nolan Reimold to bed, we move on to a discussion of the starting rotation and how we think it ought to perform, then the same of the bullpen. Can they really manage to be at least league average? The lineup should be good enough to manage if the pitching staff is at least OK, right?

We're hopeful, but we're nervous too. Chris Davis surely won't hit 53 home runs again, though we both think he'll hit more than 40, which would make us money in Vegas if it came true. Same with the Orioles winning more than 80 games. Even a notorious pessimist like myself can't see these guys winning less than 80. That would be a whole heck of a lot going wrong.

There is a lot that could go wrong, but a lot that could go right too. We run down a whole lot of both, even if I bring up bad juju by mentioning old crappy relievers way too much.

All this and more on this edition of Camdencast. This episode has a run time of about one hour and ten minutes.

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