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Send us your Opening Day pictures!

It's Opening Day! Send me your pictures!

Rob Carr

I'm trying something new this year, so help me out! If you are going to attend or watch Orioles Opening Day today, send me a photo of the day. It can be a photo of anything that captures the spirit of the day. Tomorrow I'll round up all of the photos and post them right here on Camden Chat so that everyone can see what an awesome day it was (and perhaps get jealous).

There are multiple ways you can send me photos. You can email them to me a stacey AT camdenchat dot com, you can tweet them at me, you can post them on our Facebook page, or you can put them in the comments here on the site.

If you're sending a picture of the view from you seat, please be sure to include the section number. I also encourage you to write a little description, but that's certainly not required. I will need your Camden Chat username or other name you'd like to have the photo credited to.

Thanks all, and let's go O's!