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Orioles off night open thread: April Fool's Day

It's an Orioles off night, but there's still baseball to be had. This is the place for the true junkies of the sport.

Rob Carr

Some guys who aren't the Orioles will be playing baseball tonight. That's obviously inferior to Orioles baseball, but is still preferable to no baseball. Maybe you are rooting for a particular other team to win, or a particular other team's player to fail in spectacular fashion.

Maybe your fantasy team is off to a great start and you want to watch as your squad rolls towards week one triumph. Maybe you are headed for disaster and need to find a possible sleeper in a hurry, like if your first round pick Clayton Kershaw is on the DL and now your rotation sucks. That one may have affected me.

Here's the lineup of games tonight:

Dodgers @ Padres, 6:40
Starters: Zach Greinke (LA), Ian Kennedy (SD)

Yankees @ Astros, 7:10
Starters: CC Sabathia (NY), Scott Feldman (HOU)

Rockies @ Marlins, 7:10
Starters: Brett Anderson (COL), Nate Eovaldi (MIA)

Blue Jays @ Rays, 7:10
Starters: Drew Hutchison (TOR), Alex Cobb (TB)

Phillies @ Rangers, 8:05
Starters: A.J. Burnett (PHI), Martin Perez (TEX)

Braves @ Brewers, 8:10
Starters: Alex Wood (ATL), Kyle Lohse (MIL)

Giants @ Diamondbacks, 9:40
Starters: Matt Cain (SF), Wade Miley (ARI)

Mariners @ Angels, 10:05
Starters: Erasmo Ramirez (SEA), C.J. Wilson (LA)

Indians @ Athletics, 10:05
Starters: Corey Kluber (CLE), Scott Kazmir (OAK)

The Yankees-Astros game looks to be the MLB Network game for most of the country. What are you watching tonight?