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Monday Bird Droppings

Patrick Smith

Two weeks into the season and Matt Wieters leads the team in home runs and Jonathan Schoop leads the team in double. Huh.

Jimenez loses third straight as Orioles pounded 11-3 | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore It wasn't pretty.

Blowout Caps Orioles' Sloppy Series Against Blue Jays
Paul Folkemer wraps in the series in nice, neat package.

Orioles' ballgirl interferes with fair ball in top of fourth inning - Aside from the Chris Davis bomb, perhaps the most memorable moment in yesterday's sordid affair.

School of Roch: Leftovers for breakfast
Buck waxes folksy in this extended notebook dump from the self-styled Professor of Posts.

Buck misses manager-umpire arguments | News
More folksy Buck...

Chris Tillman's Fantastic Start " Baltimore Sports and Life
"Analyzing Chris Tillman's 2014 start and what it means for his performance moving forward this season."

ON Mailbag 4/7 - 4/13 (Orioles Nation)
Tucker from O-N takes on all comers...I found his comments on Dariel Alvarez heartening.

On this day in 1990 Cal Ripken, Jr. began recordbreaking streaks of errorless games and chances at shortstop.

If you're a former O"s backup catcher or reliever, today may be your birthday! Gregs Meyers and Zaun share this birthday as do Mike Trombley, Brad Pennington, Jay Aldrich and Frank Bertaina. It's also the birthday of Jeff "Screech" Fiorentino.