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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter conspire against the O's and 3 of 4 minor league affiliates to wash out game action on Tuesday.

Patrick Smith

Surely you jest, weather gods? Snow flurries over the mid-Atlantic region in mid-April? You're drunk, weather patterns. Go home.

Orioles-Rays game postponed Tuesday and other notes -

A slew of injury/rehab notes at the end of this piece.

School of Roch: Gonzalez gets Wednesday's start

The rotation flux at the moment.

Matt Wieters and the Missing Strikes " Baltimore Sports and Life

Measuring the impact of pitch framing is in its relative infancy, but Matt Wieters lags behind in most current metrics. How does that affect the Orioles?

Early trends: Bruce, Fielder, Rizzo, Heyward - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

Mark Simon looks at one possible key to Matt Wieters' early season success.

The Old and the Restlesss: Weighted Team Ages | FanGraphs Baseball

Just how young are the O's as a team compared to the rest of the league?

Baseball Prospectus | PECOTA Takes on Prospects

PECOTA loves Kevin Gausman. And the O's get one other, very surprising, name in the top 50 of this list.

Orioles billboard spotted along D.C. line | Comcast SportsNet Washington

U mad, bro?

No interesting birthdays or historical events of note. Check back tomorrow!

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