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Camdencast Episode 54: OPS Plus Ca Change

The Orioles have made their way back to .500, and Camdencast has made its way back to you. Mark and Stacey run through the ups and downs of the first two weeks of the season. Give us a listen!

Leon Halip

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It's two weeks into the baseball season, which means it's time to overreact based on small sample sizes, right? Right. Actually, Stacey and I do our very best to stay level, although we are quite excited about the performance of Chris Tillman and Zach Britton, and quite bummed about the early showings from Ubaldo Jimenez.

With the end of Troy Patton's suspension coming up in a week and a half, we spend some time trying to figure out what will happen in the bullpen when he comes off the restricted list, and look forward a little bit to the return of Manny Machado. If it's been going on with the Orioles, we've probably brought it up on this episode. Except for Delmon Young and Steve Pearce; I don't think we talked about them or acknowledged their existence at all. Sorry dudes.

There's also an appreciation for just how good Chris Davis was last year, just how much Nick Markakis sucks this year, and why Stacey thinks I am a pretty cool guy.

All this and more on this edition of Camdencast. This episode has a run time of about one hour and ten minutes.

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