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Wednesday Bird Droppings

In which we discuss your 1st place Baltimore Orioles

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Looking ahead to Jimenez's debut
Roch gives you, the reader, a cursory glance at some small sample size Jimenez stats.

Off the grid: Focused Ubaldo Jimenez ready for Orioles debut | News
All the beats have been sitting on their 'get-to-know-Ubaldo' stories for a few days. The flood gates are now open.

Orioles, Ubaldo Jimenez hope they're perfect dance partners -

Here's another Ubaldo profile. I'm sensing a theme.

Steve Clevenger, Steve Lombardozzi Excited To Play For Hometown Orioles
'Local kids done good' profile piece on two parts of the Voltron that is #TeamSteve

Camden Depot: What Should You Know About Evan Meek?
It's probably enough to know that he is likely fighting 'low man on the totem pole' status among those on the 25-man roster.

Steve Melewski: Branden Kline will start opening night for Frederick, other notes from media day
SteveO give you a preview of your 2014 Frederick Keys.

Jim Johnson already booed by A's fans | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

Geez. Tough crowd. It's not like he's Mike Gonzalez or Kevin Gregg.

26.1 percent of major leaguers were born outside of the United States | HardballTalk

Quoth South Park: 'Dey tuck 'err jerbs!'

The Burns-Smithers Question – The Hardball Times

Which Simpson's character built the better Softball ringer squad?

Today is the 50th birthday of brief Oriole, and one of my favorite players from the late 80's baseball era, Pete Incaviglia. On this date in 1976 the O's & A's made a rather significant trade: the O's sent Don Baylor, Mike Torrez, and another player out west in exchange for Reggie Jackson, Ken Holtzmann, and a minor league player. The trade didn't work out for the O's, who finished a distant runner-up in the AL East, 10.5 games back of the Yankees.

Mr. Little, how does a man Open Thread for eight or nine years and live to tell about it?

Day at a time, I suppose.