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Game 17: Orioles (8-8) @ Red Sox (8-10), 7:05 pm

The Orioles are looking to rebound from yesterday's loss with help from Ubaldo Jimenez. problem.

Al Bello

If you want to feel confident about tonight's game, I urge you to not look at the numbers that Ubaldo Jimenez has put up in his three starts this series. I likewise encourage you not to look at the numbers that Ubaldo Jimenez has had against the Red Sox in his career. Neither of these sets of numbers will make you feel anything but dread, so just do not do it.

Oh, and you should also not look at the stats on the Red Sox starting pitcher, Jake Peavy, either. That goes for his numbers on the season as well has his career stats against the Orioles. I mean, why would you do that to yourself?

Tonight's game is on ESPN, which means that we won't have Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer to enjoy on the evening. Instead it will be some combination of Curt Schilling, John Kruk, and Dan Schulman. Hm. You may just want to listen on the radio.

Let's Go O's!