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Orioles @ Red Sox lineup and game notes - 4/20

With the series tied 1-1, the Orioles and Red Sox going into Sunday Night Baseball in what looks like a lopsided pitching matchup.

Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

It's Sunday Night Baseball! Are you excited that the Orioles are being given the chance to play on national TV, or are you annoyed that you didn't get to turn on the game six hours ago? After reading what I have to say about tonight's starting pitchers, you will probably be looking forward to the game a little less. I'm sorry about that.

When/Where to Watch

Game time: 7:05 pm, Fenway Park
TV: ESPN (will be blacked out on
Radio: 1090AM (BAL), WEEI (BOS)

Pitching Matchup

Jake Peavy is starting for the Red Sox, and he has made three solid starts so far this season, never pitching less than six innings or giving up more than two runs. One thing he has struggled with so far this year is walks, as he issued four in each of his last two starts. This probably won't affect him against the Orioles, as they are currently dead last in the American League in walks so far this season.

Peavy has faced the Orioles just three times in his career, but has held them to a hitting line of just .213/.263/.280. He faced the Orioles just once in 2013, when he gave up three runs in seven innings with eight strikeouts and one walk.

For the Orioles, Ubaldo Jimenez will try to win us over after three lousy starts to begin the 2014 season. If history is any indication, it won't be easy against the Red Sox. In five career starts, the Red Sox are hitting .320/.421/.544 against Jimenez. He has racked up at 10.27 ERA against them in those five starts and has averaged less than five innings. In his last start against them in April 2013, Jimenez lasted just 1 2/3 innings and gave up seven runs with five walks. Ouch.


Nick Markakis - RF Grady Sizemore - CF
Nelson Cruz - DH Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Chris Davis - 1B David Ortiz - DH
Adam Jones - CF Mike Napoli - 1B
Matt Wieters - C Jonny Gomes - LF
J.J. Hardy - SS Daniel Nava - RF
David Lough - LF Xander Bogaerts - SS
Jonathan Schoop - 2B A.J. Pierzynski - C
Ryan Flaherty - 3B Brock Holt - 3B
Ubaldo Jimenez - RHP Jake Peavy - RHP


It will be a little chilly tonight with Boston, with the temperature at gametime anticipated to be 48 degrees. There is a 54% chance of some precipitation, but wind will be very light. My brother lives up that way and will be at the game cheering on the Orioles, so hopefully he bundles up and they give him a good show.