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Game 22: Royals (10-11) @ Orioles (11-10), 7:05

This game will probably be rained out on Friday night, but we can dream that there will be baseball, can't we? Ubaldo Jimenez is starting for the Orioles. We can dream better than that. Yordano Ventura starts for the Royals.

Patrick Smith

It's probably going to rain tonight. The game might even be canceled before you ever read this post, as the tarp is reportedly on the field at Camden Yards around 5 o'clock, although rain has not yet arrived downtown. Like drums in the deep of Moria, the showers are coming. They will not be friendly.

The Orioles are already talking about how there would be a doubleheader on Saturday if they can't play Friday. This makes sense, since the Royals would not be returning to Baltimore this season. They have to get in the games this weekend or risk creating a conundrum of epic proportions. There are off days on Monday and Thursday, so any situations that might arise from two pitchers having to start games on the same day should smooth themselves out.

Royals starter Yordano Ventura has a fastball that averages 97 miles per hour. That's actually ridiculous. He's struck out 19 batters in 17 innings. How does someone like that give up runs, ever? Why can't the Orioles have someone whose fastball averages 97? Sometimes it makes me sad.

As you might expect for a guy who throws so hard, there are occasionally control problems. He has walked seven batters in those 17 innings, which is on the high side. But let's be real, this is the Orioles we're talking about, so walks probably won't be a problem for him. Imagine if there is a double-header tomorrow. One game will be started by Ventura and one game will be started by Bruce Chen. Talk about night and day. That's why they make the big bucks.

Today's Lineups

Norichika Aoki - RF Nick Markakis - RF
Omar Infante - 2B Nelson Cruz - DH
Eric Hosmer - 1B Chris Davis - 1B
Billy Butler - DH Adam Jones - CF
Alex Gordon - LF Matt Wieters - C
Salvador Perez - C J.J. Hardy - SS
Mike Moustakas - 3B Ryan Flaherty - 3B
Alcides Escobar - SS Jonathan Schoop - 2B
Jarrod Dyson - CF David Lough - LF
Yordano Ventura - RHP Ubaldo Jimenez - RHP