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Game 25: Pirates @ Orioles Lineups and Notes (POSTPONED)

Oh, by the way, game only happens if the weather cooperates, just so you know. Also, Machado or bust!

Machado or bust
Machado or bust
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us remember the great Pirates run of 2013.  However, the current team hasn't inspired much with a 10-16 record.  Their hitting has been dreadful with a .221/.296/.351 team line and their pitching has had their ups and downs.  Their slumping lineup may be what Tillman just needed after throwing a first bad start of the year last time out against the Blue Jays - a start in which he allowed 7 ER's in 5.2 IP.


Chris Tillman, Baltimore Orioles

Some of Tillman's numbers so far mirror his past - the ERA/FIP/xFIP line of 3.38/4.37/4.13 so far in 2014 is similar to 3.71/4.42/3.88 of last year (okay, it's better this year but you get the idea) looking at the other numbers, it's clear why - he still strikes out hitters in a decent clip (7.59 K/9), doesn't walk too much but not exactly a Maddux (2.53 BB/9) and is still a flyball pitcher that allows homers once in awhile.

Charlie Morton, Pittsburgh Pirates

The renowned Halladay imitator, Morton is not a guy who will blow hitters away with strikeout stuff or surprise'em with pinpoint control but if he can induce some grounders.  Last year, he induced a 62.9% groundball rate, which is, um, pretty high.  When he's healthy, is a mid-to-late-3.00 FIP-type solid #3~4 starter so I think his number will improve as the season goes on (4.35ERA/4.64FIP in 5 starts).  Morton has faced the Orioles back in 2011 and only lasted two innings with 7 runs allowed.  Obviously a small sample size but kinda fun to see that the current Orioles players that had faced the righty have a combined 1.294 OPS against.

In terms of pitching matchup, the Orioles have the edge and in terms of lineup... I'd say the birds have it as well.  As I mentioned before, Pirates lineup is not exactly bringing it (85 wRC+ as a team, that's bad) and none of the hitters have really stood out besides the reigning NL MVP Andrew McCutchen (160 wRC+).

At this moment, the Pirates lineup has been posted but the Orioles haven't because weather. So, we'll see if the game even happens.  The word is that, if the game happens, Machado will be in the lineup (!!!). Keep your fingers crossed, y'all.

In the meantime, here's the Pirates lineup posted in case the weather cooperates.

Jose Tabata - RF

Ike Davis - 1B

Andrew McCutchen - CF

Pedro Alvarez - 3B

Gaby Sanchez - DH

Neil Walker - 2B

Starling Marte - LF

Tony Sanchez - C

Jody Mercer - SS

Charlie Morton - RHP