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Wednesday Bird Droppings

2 days with no baseball will almost certainly grow into 3 days with no baseball before day's end.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah...this is a less than encouraging hourly forecast for today. There better be a whooooooooooole lotta May flowers in store after all these damn April showers.

Orioles, Pirates rained out, to be made up Thursday | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Probably won't be the only game getting made up on Thursday.

School of Roch: Showalter on Machado's return (Pearce signing official)

Exciting, certainly...if the O's ever get the chance to play another game. Stupid weather...

As Manny Machado returns, spotlight shines on Orioles third baseman -

Now if the O's can just get Davis back without losing someone else to injury they could field their actual starting lineup! Wouldn't that be a sight?

Orioles re-sign Steve Pearce to major league contract | HardballTalk

#TeamSteve is whole once again

Camden Depot: Should the Orioles Rush to Extend Nelson Cruz?

No. They ought to be rushing to extend Manny first. With Tillman perhaps 2nd in line, since I have my doubts about Boras' willingness to even engage in possible extension conversations regarding either Davis or Wieters.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter has everything under control. | : Pat Jordan Article

Who wants to read a long, rambling human interest piece on Buck today? You do, that's who!

Today is the birthday of Jeff Reboulet and his glorious upper lip duster. On this date in 1967 Orioles pitchers Steve Barber and Stu Miller combined to no-hit the Detroit Tigers...and still manage to lose the game 2-1. Two Barber walks to lead off the 9th inning would eventually come in to score via a wild pitch and, later, a fielder's choice ground out. Brutal.

One day it started Open Threading, and it didn't quit for four months. We been through every kind of Open Thread there is. Little bitty stingin' Open Thread... and big ol' fat Open Thread. Open Thread that flew in sideways. And sometimes Open Thread even seemed to come straight up from underneath. Shoot, it even Open Threaded at night...