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Who's who on Camden Chat? (2014 edition)

Once again it's time for Who's who on Camden Chat, where we learn more than we need to know about everyone here!

Rob Carr

Good morning Camden Chatters. Every now and again we like to give you a place to introduce yourself, say something that people may not know about you, etc, etc. The last time we did one of these was in May 2012, and as you can see it got quite a few responses and generated a lot of conversation.

I'd love to hear about you regardless of if you are a hot lurker or an uggo who comments all the time. Anything you want to tell us (within reason)! Where are you from, where do you live now, who's your favorite Oriole, who's your least favorite Yankee, what are your hobbies, how did you choose your screen name, and so on and so forth.

As usual, I'll start. Everyone knows my name (just like Cheers!), and I have been living in Catonsville since last summer when I got married. I grew up in Glen Burnie, which means I'm comfortable making fun of people from Pasadena. I have a 29-game plan with the Orioles in section 334, row 2, so if you find yourself up that way stop in and say hello! When I'm on the computer but not Camden Chatting, I'm usually looking up recipes, most of which I'll never make. When I moved into my new house that included a smaller closet and also a whole other person, I had to break my shoes into three groups and stash them all over the house to make room for them. Rob Dibble thinks this is par for the course. My favorite current Oriole is J.J. Hardy, but on any given night it could be any of them other than Delmon Young or probably Bud Norris. If I were on a baseball team I think my position would be middle reliever, because I know I wouldn't be that good and also the bullpen guys look like a hoot.

So that's me! What about you?